Brush Clearing

Do you need Qualified Pros to Remove Unwanted Vegetation from your Property?

All throughout the Greater Houston Metro area we still have undeveloped and unusable land that is covered in debris and overgrown brush, including weeds, grasses and trees. It may even contain rocks, tree stumps and other obstacles. If you own land such as this and want to clear it for good use, our brush clearing services are available to you.

What Specific Brush Clearing Services are Provided by Tree Solutions of Texas?

Because the scope of such a project can vary, the area will need to be surveyed. We need to see exactly what will be cleared away. Some customers remove everything, others decide to keep some trees. Our assessment plan will work around your needs as our customer. If any permits are necessary permits, we’ll make certain those are secured prior to the beginning of work.

Our team of professionals at Tree Solutions of Texas will show up at your site with specialized equipment best suited to remove the particular unwanted vegetation on your property. Examples of the equipment we use includes: bulldozers, mulchers, chainsaws, handsaws, excavators, weed whackers, pruners and even a stump grinder if needed. There are advantages to the style of land clearing we use. These techniques are grubbing and dozing, hand clearing, mulching and burning. Additionally, we use various safety equipment, including heavy duty shoes and gloves, helmets, eye protection and long pants.

A brush clearing project starts with the removal of the largest obstacles first. It will be determined what materials will be bagged and thrown away or simply allowed to decay and decompose naturally on the property. Large boulders may need to be split to be carried away.

The smaller vegetation comes next. The final step will be to drive over the land with a mulcher to grind all the plant material and ensure proper cleanup.

Tree Solutions of Texas is an Experienced Brush Cleaning Provider in the Greater Houston Area, Serving these Communities:

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