Storm Damage Cleanup

Why Do Customers Hire Our Professional Teams for Their Storm Cleanup Project?

In the Greater Houston Metro area, our weather is unpredictable. The subtropical climate brings weather events such tornadoes and hurricanes, but even a strong lightning storm can bring torrential rain and winds. All of this weather activity can damage your trees and cause you to need storm damage cleanup.

At Tree Solutions of Texas, we know just how devastating it is to have a storm totally turn your world upside down. You’ve spent years creating the landscape of your dreams and all of that beauty can be destroyed in the matter of minutes. These storms produce powerful winds that make our trees particularly vulnerable. On the ground, hazards lurk and hide under all of that debris. You have no idea where to start and wonder who can help? The best decision you can make is to hire our trained professional cleanup crew to do this safely, while protecting the integrity and future health of your trees.

Our tree surgeons and arborists at Tree Solutions of Texas are skilled and well-prepared to step in quickly and efficiently. It is amazing to see what can get accomplished because these professionals have done this before, time and time again. They will thoroughly inspect your trees for damage, noting what is mild to severe and report their findings. When the work begins, appropriate equipment and safety gear will be utilized to remove tree limbs, branches, even an entire tree if necessary. All the debris will be cleaned up and hauled away and things can get back to normal. Knowing exactly what to look for and catching each and every issue is important to the health or your trees.

Why Tree Solutions of Texas Has So Many Repeat Customers?

Our storm damage cleanup services are managed by professional arborists or tree doctors. We are known for going the extra mile.

  • We arrive on time and respect your schedule
  • Arrive completely prepared with equipment and safety gear
  • Inspect the site, ask for vehicles and such to be removed if necessary before beginning work
  • Protect other vegetation
  • Remove only what is necessary
  • Maintain the integrity of the trees
  • Thoroughly cleanup all debris on the ground, driveway, sidewalks, even on your neighbor’s property
  • Haul it all away, nothing is left for you to worry about
  • Take precautions throughout all we do to increase safety and eliminate risk

Our Dedicated Team of Experts Have Helped Many Customers Get Back to Normal with Storm Damage Cleanup in the Following Communities:

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