Tree Cabling & Bracing

The Need for Tree Cabling and Bracing Services in and Around Houston and Our Metropolitan Area

The climate around the Houston metro area produces violent storms, high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes that can require cabling and bracing services once the damage is done. Tree cabling and bracing should never be used on unhealthy and dying trees. Cabling and bracing are proactive and preventative measures used to benefit trees that are exhibiting signs of major structural weakness. They can also help a large tree heal that was damaged from a major injury such as losing a leader branch.

There are differences between bracing and cabling. Cabling provides supplemental support and is used to make a tree more stable and to prevent consequences such as a limb’s failure. If a large limb should fall, there will be subsequent damage to both the tree and anything under its canopy, like a house, a car or a person. Bracing techniques are used to straighten the trunk of a tree. Wooden or metal stakes are driven deep enough to hold the tree and tall enough to reach halfway up the tree. Ties and guides wrap the trunk and are attached to the stakes to form a brace.

Can I Cable or Brace the Tree Myself?

Tree cabling and bracing should never be tried by the homeowner. If not done correctly, a tree can be severely damaged. Even more importantly, a cable needs to be wrapped around the trunk up in the top half of the tree and wires for bracing get attached halfway up the tree, equipment and special measures need to be applied to reach these heights safely. Always hire a professional from Tree Solutions of Texas to help with a tree cabling and bracing project. Keep in mind just how much that tree can weigh.

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