Tree Fertilization

Is Tree Fertilization Necessary in the Houston Metro Area?

Well, more than likely the trees that grow on your property do need fertilization for a number of reasons. We fertilize perennial and annual flowers, vegetables and lawns. We enrich the soil for our gardens to produce an abundance of color and vegetation. Our trees are just big plants that need the same balanced diet of nutrients to remain beautiful and healthy. If you have not been fertilizing your trees, don’t worry, you are not unusual. It is estimated that 85% of soil globally is deficient in nitrogen, according to the International Fertilizer Association. Getting started now is the best action you can take.

Soil Types In and Around the Houston Metro Area

In the Greater Houston Metro area, soil contains primarily sand, loam and clay. Clay packs easily and resists water. It is ideal for your home’s foundation, but not good for vegetation. Loam has a high level of organic matter and holds water so it is perfect for landscaping. Sandy soils are the least prevalent and not good for most plants except succulents.

Trees that grow in subdivisions or around commercial property, typically start out with subsoil from the excavation of the land during construction. It contains little or no nutrients and has broken up concrete, stone and bricks thrown in by the construction crew. As time passes, soil particles become compacted and pressed together, reducing drainage capabilities and blocking water penetration to the roots. Roots can literally suffocate. We don’t help either. We rake up and remove all the nutrient-rich leaf litter and other organic matter that collects on the soil’s surface. Now, it’s time to rectify all of that.

Organic Soil Fertilizations by Tree Solutions of Texas

Our tree doctors at Tree Solutions of Texas can amend the soil with organic fertilizers such as compost, manure and peat moss. Soil that is rich organically will clog less yet hold together, retain moisture and nutrients and drain better. Mother Nature does this automatically on the floor of our forests. Because our arborists are dedicated to protecting our environment, we believe in following her lead. These measures will support, protect and save the life of the trees that grow around the Greater Houston Metro area.

Inorganic Tree Fertilizations from Tree Solutions of Texas

A tree doctor from Tree Solutions of Texas will perform a comprehensive tree soil test to determine your soil’s exact makeup. Once we know the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, along with the levels of nutrients present, we’ll develop a plan to supply the root system with adequate supplements for better health.

In addition to soil testing, our dedicated team will look for signs of poor growth, discolored leaves, smaller leaves than normal, leaf drop, twig and branch dieback, as well as twig growth. We will inspect the ground for weeds and pest infestations. One final concern is the location of your trees and whether they are growing in planting beds or in a lawn. Both lawns and planting beds typically receive fertilizer. It’s important to know what they are being fed and how your trees are absorbing some of this fertilizer. This is imperative to creating a balance and not overdoing any fertilization schedule.

Administering too much fertilizer can be just as detrimental as not enough. Eventually, mature trees may need little or no fertilizer to thrive once they have been growing in favorable soil conditions for a consistent and adequate time frame.

Tree watering, tree mulching, tree pruning and trimming and insect management are all just as important as fertilizing to produce luxurious and healthy trees.

Our Reliable Experts Help with Tree Fertilization in the Houston Metro Area:

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