Tree Injections

What are Tree Injections?

Tree injections are a fast, convenient and successful way to administer pesticides and fertilizers to trees in and around our Houston metro area. They treat diseases, nutrient deficiencies and insects like aphids, spider mites, scales and borers.

A tree injection is just like going to the doctor for your annual flu shot. Instead of an arm, our arborists use the tree’s trunk to deliver a shot. The tree’s vascular system distributes the medicine throughout the tree for quick and efficient absorption.

Benefits of Tree Injections Over Spray Treatments

Injections take the place of spray treatments when you want less mess, fewer treatments, faster results and longer lasting benefits. There is no drifting of chemicals nor overspray. There is nothing to spread across your property, either through the air or soil. The weather doesn’t matter. It can be raining or windy. Spray treatments can take three to four treatments. Most injections achieve results in one shot and can last up to a year.

How We Banish Bugs With Our Expert Tree Injections

Our team of tree surgeons at Tree Solutions of Texas are educated and well-trained to know the best pesticide to treat your insect infestation. This includes: low, medium, medium-high or high infestations and when the application should happen. This can be according to the time of year, how long the pest has historically been present, and whether it is following egg hatch or adult flight of the insects. Our team will also check your trees for vascular damage and take appropriate measures.

Our Team Travels Throughout the Greater Houston Metro Area to Administer Tree Injections:

What Are My Options?

You realize your tree is sick, you’ve invested time and money into its care and you don’t want to lose it. Replacing a grown tree is a huge expense. If you replace it with a smaller tree, you are starting all over again.

Once you’ve decided to save a tree, you have two options: spray it or use our tree injection system. At Tree Solutions of Texas we do both tree injections and spray treatments. It’s up to you. No matter what you decide, we’ll help you save your trees!

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