Business Parks / Shopping Center Tree Management

Commercial Tree Services for Business Parks and Shopping Centers

Business parks and shopping centers typically cover a lot of real estate. On that property, there are usually quite a few trees. Those trees are an investment that adds to the aesthetic value of the property. To protect that investment, those trees need regular maintenance and care to live a long life, while providing a beautiful setting for your tenants and visitors.

Our commercial tree care services at Tree Solutions of Texas is led by trained arborists who love trees and are dedicated to helping their clients’ trees reach a long and beautiful life. To achieve this, we offer the following services: commercial tree planting, commercial tree pruning, commercial tree removal, commercial stump removal, as well as tree inspections, tree fertilization, soil testing, tree injections, tree spraying, insect management, tree cabling and bracing, storm cleanup and drought relief. Our root barrier system may be of particular interest. It can help you have more green space around and near structures that would have typically prohibited growth. For development projects we can offer land clearing and brush cleaning services to get the property ready for new construction.

Proactive Tree Care to Reduce Risk and Liability

Some of those trees could be close to buildings, walkways, parking lots and sidewalks. These are all areas where people walk or congregate. Inspections need to be done regularly and services performed to remove all damaged and diseased branches and limbs that could potentially fall on someone or something. This is a risk that can be managed successfully to reduce your liability.

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