Commercial Stump Removal

Benefits of Hiring Our Professionals for Your Commercial Tree Stump Removal Service

The process of tree stump removal can be extensive and hard work depending on the species of tree and the stump’s diameter and volume. Our professional arborists at Tree Solutions of Texas will take the guesswork out of this for you. They know exactly how to remove a stump efficiently and safely.

Roots can run deep and the hole can be quite large. Specialized equipment such as large backhoes may be required and transported to the site. Your commercial tree removal project will be closely supervised and carried out according to strict safety guidelines. All utility lines will have to be marked and respected.

Commercial tree stump removal services are an integral part of the way we help businesses around the Houston Metro area maintain the beauty and value of their property. You will be able to immediately recognize that our trusted team of experts have done this many times before. They are always dedicated to doing the job safely and in a timely manner. Rest assured, we never cut corners.

What Are Your Plans for That Area Once the Stump is Removed?

Once the stump is removed, what plans do you have for that area? It’s best to remove the stump and the roots if you want anything to grow again. Old roots rot and change the PH level of the soil, they compete for nutrients and new roots will be blocked from stretching and growing. Removing all of the roots leaves behind loose soil that will not compete nor hinder new roots from growing. Consider these factors when deciding whether to remove a tree stump or just grind it.

Our Trained and Skilled Arborists Serve the Metro Houston Area for Commercial Tree Stump Removal Services, Including These Communities:

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