Tree Limb Removal

The Art of Tree Limb Removal by the Experts at Tree Solutions of Texas

You would think tree limb removal is a fairly easy task. However, it’s not. It can be dangerous and could harm your tree. First, you have to get up in the tree to reach the limb. As you cut the limb, gravity starts to pull it downward almost instantly. This can cause the limb to tear and split from the trunk, causing a wound. When it does fall, it can land in an entirely different spot than expected. Taking these types of risks can be hazardous and end up costing you a lot more money than you bargained for.

Our arborists at Tree Solutions of Texas are well-versed in the techniques employed to cut tree limbs and branches in a safe and efficient manner.

Why is Tree Limb Removal so Vital to You and the Health of Your Trees?

Overtime limbs weaken and if not removed gravity will take over and they fall to the ground. Limbs hanging over the driveway could hit your car or your children as they play. If one is hanging over your neighbor’s yard and it falls, you are responsible for any damage it causes. This could entail replacing a fence, a wall or their roof, costing a significant amount of money. This risk is not necessary if you take proactive steps to maintain the health of your tree branches and limbs.

How Our Trained Experts at Tree Solutions of Texas Know What Limbs to Remove?

Before our professionals start cutting, they will inspect the tree to know exactly what needs to be removed or not. In addition to broken or decaying limbs, we examine the bark of the tree for peeling, dead wood and other signs of damage. We will recommend the removal of branches and limbs that are too close to your home, structures on your property and on your neighbor’s adjoining property.

The Importance of Regular Tree Limb Removal

It is a good habit to have our tree doctors at Tree Solutions of Texas inspect your trees at least once a year and provide any maintenance needed to keep them as healthy as possible. This will ensure that we stay ahead of any problems that come about from bad weather, high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes. You can usually recognize an inspected and well-groomed tree after a storm blows through. The yard around that tree will have much less debris on the ground.

Tree Solutions of Texas Provides Tree Limb Removal Services to the Following Communities:

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