Soil Testing

The Top Reasons Why People Test Their Soil in the Greater Metro Houston Area

At Tree Solutions of Texas, our team of tree doctors understand the vital role your soil plays in affecting the health and growth of your trees. But how do we know what type of soil you have? Soil testing gives us a complete rundown of what it contains and what elements it lacks. This is important and vital because trees have different needs based on their specific species. If you think all soil is alike or that an overabundance or reduction of elements won’t affect the growth of your tree, you are greatly misled.

The most common reason for soil testing is to improve nutritional balance. A soil test can also help diagnose tree problems, optimize healthier growth, eliminate the use of certain fertilizers and help the environment from the runoff of fertilizers.

In the Houston metro area, our soil content is not the best for planting of trees and other vegetation. No matter what project you are facing on your land, it is always a more diligent decision to do soil testing by a professional. That way, you will know exactly what is there to start with and what you can do to make it more suitable for your project.

How is Soil Testing Conducted?

One of our tree doctors at Tree Solutions of Texas will bore shallow holes in your property and collect soil. We like to bore several holes over a wide area to get a more accurate sampling. This soil will then be tested to ascertain its suitability for whatever your needs may be. Testing can occur prior to planting new trees and vegetation or for existing trees.

When planting a tree or any other vegetation, it is best not to guess about your soil. Being informed about the makeup of your soil will protect your trees and save you money over the years. Soil tests determine levels of nitrates, salinity, PH and primary nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and such. Our team of arborists will take the test results and determine what is needed or not to enrich your soil.

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