Stump Grinding

What Are Tree Stump Grinding Services

The primary reason why people choose to grind a tree stump is to save money. The tree stump will be grinded but the stump’s root system will remain in the ground. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not grow any new vegetation in that area. When the roots from the stump remain, they rot and change the PH level of the soil, they block new roots from growing and steal necessary nutrients. Most tree stumps do not extend more than 6 inches below the surface of the ground. Therefore, new vegetation will have to compete for space and nutrients once they encounter the old roots. If you want to plant new vegetation, we recommend that you select our tree stump removal service instead.

The Benefits of Hiring Tree Solutions of Texas as an Expert in Tree Care

A tree stump is unattractive and usually sticks out like a sore thumb. Most Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) do not allow them to remain on your property and send threatening letters to remove them within 30 days. A dying tree stump is damp and attracts termites, ants and other insects. It becomes a source of food and shelter to many pests. No matter the size, a tree stump becomes an obstacle to avoid when mowing the lawn or walking around your property. It is hazardous and becomes an insurance liability.

Grinding tree stumps will definitely make the finished area look more tended and manicured, while improving the safety of the area. At Tree Solutions of Texas our team selects the right grinder for the job to ensure it will accommodate the depth needed for your project. Stump grinders dig and chew through the wood of the tree stump. They are not built to chew through rocks and hard materials. Our dedicated team will inspect the area in the surrounding areas for potential obstacles and inform you of your options to protect your home, garage, other buildings, fencing and so forth.

If you have a tree stump, we recommend that you remove it. If you decide to grind it, we understand. We can always remove the roots in the future if your plans change. Whatever you choose, it will be a much better solution than leaving the stump.

Tree Solutions of Texas Offers Tree Stump Grinding Services to the Following Communities:

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