Tree Spraying & Insect Management

Are Your Trees Sick From an Insect Manifestation or Disease?

In Houston and its surrounding communities, our trees live in a subtropical climate. Warmer and humid weather is pretty much the norm, even though we do get some freezes and colder temperatures in the winter. While these conditions make life more comfortable for humans, it also creates a warm and moist environment for insect manifestations in our vegetation.

Because of our mild temperatures, we need to check for insects year-round. As they feed and take over the tree, pests literally suck the life out of it. When you start to notice changes in the tree’s appearance, you need to take action quickly and not daily.

Trees can also be harmed by diseases. Most diseases of the foliage are fungal. Tree disease can reduce productivity, kill a tree or make it unsightly. These diseases are typically brought on by stress. Most stress comes from environmental factors like drought, overcrowding and damage to the stem or roots. When under stress, trees lose the ability to isolate infections and prevent the disease from spreading.

How to Recognize Insects and Disease on Your Trees

Insects and diseases leave telltale signs of their manifestations. Some of these signs include damage to leaves, discoloration, sudden foliage thinning, borer holes and abnormal leaf size. The trunk and branches can show signs through stunted branch growth, cracked bark and bark that completely falls off the trunk.

For instance, scale forms hard, colored bumps on leaf stems, leaves and fruit. These bumps are a residue left from sucking tree juices. This attracts flies, bees, wasps and ants. This is one issue that can be beaten if treated early, when the infestation first starts. However, it can kill a tree if allowed to go untreated.

When borers attack, they leave sawdust-like material and/or sap oozing from small holes. These holes appear in the trunk or along the branches. The bark can change, appearing swollen, callused, and knotty, Cracks start to appear and the bark breaks off.

Let Our Pros Expertly Handle Your Tree Spraying and Insect Management Services

It is best to let a tree doctor examine, diagnose and treat your specific insect manifestations, as well as any disease that could be causing havoc.

When you have a good tree management company like Tree Solutions of Texas maintaining the health of your trees, the likelihood of stress and subsequent disease is greatly reduced. We can create an integrated approach by bundling complimentary services, including pruning and trimming, tree fertilization, tree mulching and drought relief to prevent further damage and optimize the healthy growth of your trees.

Our Trained Experts at Tree Solutions of Texas Provide Spraying and Insect Management Services to These Communities:

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