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Living in the Houston Metro area provides a healthy environment for our trees but our weather can change on a dime, going from calm and clear to high winds and torrential rain rather quickly. Bad weather can blow in at any time of the year. As homeowners, we need to get our trees prepared with professional tree trimming. There is nothing more damaging than a big old tree limb or branches falling on your car or on the fence separating you from your neighbor. No one wants to clean up after a storm. You can rest assured that you’ll have less to pick up from your trees if you get your trees trimmed regularly by Tree Solutions of Texas.

At Tree Solutions of Texas, tree trimming is another key factor in how we work hard and diligently to be guardians of the trees, to help them grow strong and healthy as they beautify our Houston communities for many years to come.

How Does a Tree Benefit from Tree Trimming?

When our expert tree doctors properly trim your trees, it not only increases the aesthetic value of your property but is good for the trees. It’s like getting a good haircut. Tree trimming encourages healthy new growth, makes a tree have a better shape, removes unnecessary limbs that might be growing in the wrong direction or entwined, allows nutrients to be used more efficiently, increases air circulation, lets more sunlight penetrate into the canopy and all throughout the tree and significantly decreases the chance of any damage to your property. Think of tree trimming as a proactive measure to thwart future tree trash all over your lawn following a storm.

When Is the Best Time to Trim a Tree?

Any time is good for a tree to get trimmed, especially if it has been neglected. However, the optimal time is between late fall and early spring. It’s an easier process when leaves have dropped and before new buds start to emerge. However, mature trees can always benefit from tree trimming, even in summer. Tree trimming supports hearty and durable branch growth at any time of the year. The most important factor is to just do it!

Our Team Travels Throughout the Greater Houston Metro Area to Trim Trees in the Following Communities:

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