Tree Pruning / Tree Shaping

Proper Tree Trimming and Pruning Services from the Experts at Tree Solutions of Texas

Tree pruning and tree shaping is an art to be mastered. It is not about cutting willy-nilly. Pruning is all about the health, strength and growth of your tree. It is not just about its appearance, although that is important too. Unfortunately, many competitors just start chopping off far too much, not enough and at the wrong time of the year. Trimming is done yearly to affect aesthetics alone, while pruning affects the overall health and growth of the tree.

At Tree Solutions of Texas we have the foresight and understanding of a tree’s physiology and growth patterns. As arborists, we know exactly how and when to prune and shape trees in the Houston area. It is not a guessing game to us. When pruning and shaping your trees, our goal at Tree Solutions of Texas is to diligently maintain its structural integrity to foster new growth and beauty.

Tree Pruning and Tree Shaping Services by Tree Solutions of Texas

By selecting Tree Solutions of Texas, you are hiring a professional tree care service that is trained in tree pruning and shaping techniques. Our pruning and shaping services promote the health and well-being of your trees so they can flourish, resist disease and provide years of enjoyment. Our arborists and tree experts will tackle these pruning and shaping tasks with precision. You can rest assured that your trees will retain their shape and structural health while they add to the value of your property.

Pruning and shaping a tree is strategic. It needs to be timed to accommodate the species of the tree. At Tree Solutions of Texas, we prune spring flowering trees after their blooming cycle ends. This is usually in the mid-summer months. Summer flowering trees get pruned in the winter and spring. If a tree flowers, pruning will boost flower production and subsequently promote fruit yield. Some of the techniques we use include: crown thinning, crown raising and crown reduction. If pruned improperly, growth can be stunted, disease can set in and you could lose the tree.

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