Tree Inspections

Tree Inspections are Vital to the Maintenance and Longevity of your Trees

Throughout our lives, we schedule all types of inspections. We get our cars inspected, we go to the dentist for our teeth to be checked, we check our tire pressure quite often and have the oil and other fluids checked regularly. We also change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If we own a business, we might need health and fire department inspections, or if building a new home, we have inspectors for all sorts of milestones in the construction process. We do this because we value ourselves, our families, our customers and the investments we make. So why do we neglect those trees growing on our property? Trees need regular inspections like everything else, especially due to their size and the amount of damage that can be done should they develop issues.

Whether you have one or multiple trees on your property, regular inspections can help you recognize and fix any problems before they happen. Maintaining a safe tree environment for all communities throughout the Greater Metro area of Texas is part of our mission at Tree Solutions of Texas. Our team will inspect and detect both existing and potential problems. We’ll add tree inspections to your list of preventative care tasks so you won’t need to worry about bigger problems down the road.

Concise and Accurate Tree Inspections by Tree Solutions of Texas

  • Water: Trees need water, around 10 to 20 gallons per week. As a tree absorbs water, it cools down, exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide, and nutrients move throughout the tree’s structure. When the soil is dry, the tree cannot cool down, there is no nutrient transfer and no photosynthesis. Our dedicated team of arborists will inspect your current watering plan. If needed, an adjusted watering schedule will be created to meet the needs of your specific species of tree.
  • Tree Infections: Trees develop diseases. They get fungi, bacteria and insect manifestations that deplete their nutrients. The experts at Tree Solutions of Texas will inspect all areas of the tree for any kind of infection and develop a diagnosis for treatment. This will get your tree on the road to recovery sooner than later.
  • Safety: No one wants to have a big branch fall on top of a car or your house. Falling debris can cause a great deal of damage. It’s a nightmare no one wants to experience. In the Greater Houston area, we get hit by strong winds and violent storms on a regular basis. A tree inspection by Tree Solutions of Texas will aid in preventing damaged limbs, branches and structural parts of the tree from falling and protect humans and pets from the hazards they can cause.
  • Structural Damage: There are many factors that can cause structural damage to your trees. Storms, construction, incorrect trimming or pruning are just a few. During an inspection by our team at Tree Solutions of Texas, we’ll meticulously search for all types of critical issues adversely affecting the health of your trees and develop a plan to stop any further damage.
  • Soil Requirements: A tree can grow to 50 feet or taller and that requires a massive and consistent amount of nutrients. At Tree Solutions of Houston we’ll inspect your soil to see what it is lacking and what it needs to better aid in the growth of that particular species of tree(s). Adding compost, fertilizer and mulch are vital to maintaining healthy trees for many years to come.
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