Tree Root Removal

What Necessitates Tree Root Removal in the Greater Houston area

The most obvious reasons for tree root removal include a dying tree, a toppled tree from a storm, a tree stump and a tree you just don’t want any longer on your property. Our team of expert arborists at Tree Solutions of Texas can inspect your problem and provide you with the best options available for the removal of tree roots on your property.

Since you’ve chosen tree root removal, we assume you want to rebuild that area by adding new plants now or in the future. Removing the tree roots is an important factor to your new landscaping success. The survival of all new seedlings, cuttings and plants will be greatly enhanced when they have no competition for water and nutrients. The soil can be properly managed with fertilization efforts to supplement the soil for whatever you decide to plant. There is nothing more detrimental to new plants than rotting tree roots.

Knowing how a tree root system develops and matures over time is essential to the success of our expertly educated and trained team at Tree Solutions of Texas. By understanding how tree roots grow, we can better understand how to take them out.

Tree Root Removal Services by Trusted Experts at Tree Solutions of Texas

First, it might be best to understand how a tree root system develops. Tree seedlings form a tap root that stretches downward and anchors the plant into the ground. Branching off the tap root are many finer lateral roots that spread out parallel to the ground surface above. Roots intertwine and combine to strengthen its support system. Generally, most tree roots are thick and woody near the trunk and taper out into thinner fibers as they grow away from the trunk.

When hiring a tree root removal company, it is best to hire a trusted team for their extensive overall knowledge of the management and cultivation of trees in horticulture. It is estimated that a mature tree could have 500 million live root tips. The expanse of a tree root system can exceed up to three times the size of the tree’s canopy, achieving up to 12 feet or more from the trunk. These massive tree root systems seek out the easiest path to water and nutrients. In this process, they will barrel through just about anything to ensure survival. Trees play a vital role in our environment and removing a tree or its roots is a serious process.

At Tree Solutions of Texas, our team of arborists can assist you with tree removal, tree disposal, stump removal and stump grinding to get down to the roots you want removed. Once that’s done, the process of tree root removal is to cut the larger roots, expose the smaller ones and lift/remove it all. Our team will inspect the ground and remove and clean up any remaining roots. This will leave a big pit or hole in the ground. We’ll fill this hole and make it suitable for your new landscaping ideas. This includes top soil, compost, mulch and fertilizer.

Our Team Travels Throughout the Greater Houston Metro Area to Help Communities with Their Tree Root Removal Services:

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