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Turn to our Reputable Land Clearing Services at Tree Solutions of Texas

Typically, there are two reasons why people want to clear land. They either want to build a new home or some other structure, or make the property more accessible and safe. Here’s why you can be confident turning to our dedicated team of arborists to manage your land clearing projects, no matter where it is around the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

As an industry leader, Tree Solutions of Texas provides reputable and highly-rated land clearing services. We understand how essential it is for you to have the proper groundwork on which to build new construction or improve your land to make it more habitable and safe. Doing the job correctly, according to established standards and with your needs in mind, our team will significantly lower the risk of problems showing up in the future. We judiciously clear away weeds, brush, trees, tree stumps, rocks and all obstacles that will get in the way, making your land more usable to suit your plans for a future structure or other needs.

Getting Started and the Steps We Take to Finalize Your Land Clearing Project

  • The first step our team of arborists will do is survey the property against the construction blue prints and determine the scope of work to be done. If any permits are required, our team will attain them.
  • Secondly, equipment is selected and transported to the site. Equipment includes all machinery needed as well as hard hats, gloves and such for the safety of your project.
  • At the third step, demolition begins. Our team will safely and properly remove every tree, shrub, tree stump, tree root, rocks and obstacles according to the scope of work.
  • After it is cleared, the fourth step begins and your property will be graded. During the grading process, steps like erosion prevention and drainage control may be necessary or the addition of septic systems or wells.
  • At the end, we will inspect all of your property and clean up any leftover debris or trash to leave it in pristine order. To our team at Tree Solutions of Texas, every land clearing project is unique based on what the land is like and the purpose of clearing it.

The Pros to a Land Clearing Project for Aesthetic Values

Land can be deemed unstable and unusable. Land clearing can transform that type of land from practically worthless to highly suitable and valuable for future projects. Safety comes to mind since land containing dead trees and rotting wood is hazardous to adjacent property or people and pets. Diseased vegetation can spread throughout your property but also affect neighboring land. Once cleared, you will stop the threat to surrounding vegetation and have a healthier environment. Overcrowding of vegetation causes stunted growth and unhealthy, weak vegetation. By clearing the land, your plants will have the space to stretch out their roots to seek out the right amount of water and nutrients necessary for their continued health. Clearing will improve the health of your soil and decrease fire hazards. If you ever decide to sell your land, having it cleared allows potential buyers to better visualize how they can build and develop the property. No matter why you clear your land, doing so will significantly increase its potential and value.

As an Established Land Clearing Service, Tree Solutions of Texas Serves the Following Communities:

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