Emergency Tree Service

What Are Emergency Tree Services?

The Greater Houston Metro area gets hit with all kinds of violent weather, from strong winds to hurricanes. With a population estimated to reach 7.2 million in 2022, our infrastructure and utility companies struggle to keep up. More automobiles and trucks travel our roads and highways. When a storm blows through, that is when customers need Emergency Tree Services.

Once a storm blows through and we’re left to deal with the mess, we get frustrated and don’t know where to turn. At Tree Solutions of Texas we assess and clean up the damage to prevent personal injury and further damage. The damage usually involves fallen trees, limbs, branches and debris. We work with local utility companies and fire departments to safely work around power and cable utility lines. Trees can fall on residential, commercial and municipal buildings, roads, sidewalks, overpasses, cars and trucks. This disrupts people’s lives and areas can come to a standstill. There is an immediate need to get these issues quickly solved.

The emergency tree service process involves an onsite inspection of the damage, an assessment and development of a plan of action. Once approved, the cleanup begins. Cleanup encompasses a wide range of activities, including pruning and trimming, tree limb removal, tree removal, trunk grinding and removal and tree cabling and bracing.

Preventing Damage Before an Emergency Situation Arises

When a storm hits and damage happens, you wonder if this could have been avoided. How would you prevent this? The answer is to have regular tree care maintenance performed on your trees. We can inspect your trees, assess for disease or damage, make recommendations for pruning and trimming, test the soil, use organic and inorganic elements to provide nutrients, set up an adequate watering schedule, mulch to keep moisture in the soil, inspect for insects and use injections or spraying for treatment.

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